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VERTICAL HERB PLANTER (and it can work in Winter too!)

Keep Herbs Tidy in Containers year Round
We all love the taste of fresh Herbs.   Vertical Herb planters are a fun way to let you grow in Winter in a sunny window or outside in good weather.  The trick is finding something  that is compact and simple to move  indoors or outdoors as the seasons change.   We think the easiest vertical planters are ladders in a sunny corner by a sliding door in Winter or as part of a garden vignette the rest of the year.   You can usually find old ladders or step stools at garage sales for pennies and paint them up in an afternoon.

Vertical planting is great for Families that want to  harvest perennial Herbs year round, and they are a handy solution for small container veggies and salads.   (Lettuce, Kale, Spinach, Swiss Chard).  Vertical planting goes hand in hand with Veggie Container gardening for smaller areas

Be sure to regularly trim back the plants — and eat the cuttings since Herbs are freshest and best for you straight from the plant. They will also keep producing when you trim them back.

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