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Free Download, Great Healthy Cookbook answers How to eat on $4. a day

We love this Wonderful FREE cookbook
Occasionally we return to things we have found very handy.  Case in point is this amazing Free Cookbook from Leanne Brown.   Not only is she a remarkable chef, she answered a very important question for everyone who is part of the safe food movement OR who is on a limited budget.  What can you do with a $4.00 a day food budget?     Hat tip  -  she figured out how to cook well and beautifully, even if one was restricted to SNAP, the U.S. Governments Supplemental Nutrition Assisance Program - also known as food stamps.

The PDF is free.  It is located here.

 Address for the down load is


Click  and take a peak  -  there is something for everyone.  We made this recipe in our test kitchen... amazing...

Quiche - Photo by Leanne Brown and Dan Lazzin