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Why IS Safe Food Finally making an Impact in the mainstream

There have been pioneers out shouting from the rooftops for years. And the simple fact remains.  IF there are no downsides to GMO, why does Monsanto spend so much to defeat the right to label...?  Why is a handful of our elected congress pushing to remove the states right to label using the DARK act?

Lucky for all of us consumers are pretty smart.  Consumers started understanding the basics from videos like the first one below that started over 3 YEARS ago.  And the slow consistant effort is working.  Consumers vote with their wallets.  Go to Costco and see the new USDA organic isles.  Check at WalMart to see the WildOats line of Organic taking off.   Go to any Farmers Market and watch buyers asking farmers 'how is this grown'.?

Here are two quick videos... Clearly pointed at different audiences btw.  The first one is mainstream and has been seen widely.  The second one is newer and has gone viral and is shared around by the younger gen .. and it makes a strong point.  This juxtaposition of one trend idea pushed onto another that isn't in the same thought venue is called Culture Jamming btw.. kind of a progression of Satire.

Today over 45% of people seek out Organic food.  42 % of people with household incomes under 30,000 state a preference for Organic.  And 53% of 18-29 year olds prefer Organic .  What that really means is the concept of clean food has taken hold.

Enjoy the vids.. and we KNOW the second one is offensive to some... but the kids love it and it does carry an important message.


Viral Satire is one more way that gets the word out....