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Favorite Bee Friendly Old Fashion Flowers that ReSow

Everyone loves beautiful old flowers that self sow.  In a meadow or in the wild parts of your garden they look abundant, are very little work and provide much needed food for pollinators.

Our Favorites...

1) Foxglove  - Digitalis

This self sower is a short-lived perennial that generally flowers the season after it’s planted. Leave the spent flower spires in place, and you’ll be treated to a new crop of foxgloves each spring.  They like partial shade.  
Blue Bachelor Buttons and sweet pea self sow

2) Bachelor Button - Centaurea cyanus, annual

Common name cornflower, is an annual that self sows so seems like a perennial.  The flowers are  long lasting when cut and hold color when dried. Likes full sun.  

3) Bellflower - Campanula spp.

This dainty plant, available in annual, perennial and biennial cultivars, enjoys moist soil and thrives in full sun to partial shade. In late spring and early summer, it unveils bell-shaped flowers in colors ranging from blue to purple to white. Some varieties, like the Serbian bellflower, have long-lasting blooms and evergreen foliage in Zones 8 and 9.

4) Bleeding Heart - Dicentra spectabilis, Zones 3 to 9

Long-lasting blossoms open in late spring, covering this plant with gorgeous floral pendants in shades of rose pink and creamy white. Bleeding heart goes dormant by midsummer, so it’s best planted at the back of a border, where later-blooming flowers can camouflage the dying foliage.

5) Dianthus - Dianthus, Zones 3 to 10

One of the world’s oldest cultivated flowers, dianthus is prized for its ruffled petals, pleasant scent and generous spring and summer blooming period. Ranging from just 4 inches to 36 inches high, dianthus grows well in full sun.  Old tall heritage versions common name Sweet William, will resow for years.  

6) English Primrose Primula vulgaris, Zones 4 to 8

In spring, tight clusters of colorful, often fragrant blossoms appear on compact bright-green plants that grow only about 8 inches high. Though this primrose does best in partial shade, it can tolerate full sun if the surrounding soil remains moist.

Hollyhocks come in all sizes and colors and
most will reseed without any help at all

7)  Hollyhock Alcea rosea, Zones 3 to 9

These old-time favorites unfurl richly colored  single or double flowers on lanky stems that can reach 8 feet in height. Hollyhock is a biennial, which means it grows foliage on short stems its first year but doesn’t flower until the following year. Be sure to plan accordingly.

8) Peony Paeonia, Zones 3 to 9

Gardeners can choose from hundreds of peony hybrids in a wide range of sizes and colors. The herbaceous peony dies back to the ground in fall, then re-emerges in spring. It benefits from stakes or rings to keep it from flopping over under the weight of its showy, delightfully fragrant blooms.

9) Sweet Pea Lathyrus odoratus, annual

This fragrant flower is easy to grow and provides flowers for cutting all season long. Like edible peas, sweet pea prefers the cooler weather of spring and early summer, gradually declining in the heat of August. A few cultivars, including the Royal and Old Spice mixes, are exceptionally heat-tolerant.

10) Sunflowers  - annual

This beautiful tall stalk has many varieties that will self sow year after year.  The varieties also flower at different times so know your flower.  To ensure blooms collect the seeds at the end of the year and re broadcast by hand in the spring.

Plant many varieties of Sunflowers to ensure
different sizes, colors and bloom times

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