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5 Minute 4 Ingredient NO BAKE Cheesecake

1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 8 ounce (250g) tub of cool whip (whipping cream)
1/3 cup of FRESH lemon or lime juice (we like lime)
1 8 ounce (250g) package of cream cheese.
1 pre made graham cracker crust

TIP:   leave the cream cheese out for a couple hours at room temperature. The cream cheese will become soft and smooth and create a smooth texture.   Avoid lumps of cream cheese which will ruin the flavor of this pie so make sure it is soft to a fork.

Once the creamcheese is soft to a fork or spatula, in a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients leaving the lime (or lemon) juice for last. The reaction of the citrus juice will start to harden your mixture almost immediately.
At low speed, blend well for 2 min.    Immediately pour mixture into a waiting graham crust . Refrigerate for an hour to and hour and a half before serving.

For our farmers market folks... top with fresh berries or peaches from the market.