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Collecting Seeds and World Pea(ce)....

So what does collecting seeds have to do with World Peace?
As it turns out collecting seeds is a good pay it forward that is easy to do.  And it is a habit the entire world can use.. so why not?
Being a little more serious, given that we have a world bee problem sowing Seeds can help the pollinators do their part.  And, food security is always a good thing.

So how to make a difference? And Why Seeds?

Start Small - Learn the Ropes

1.  Beautify Your town... Make a difference locally.  Every area has a set of native seeds that are easy to collect and will regrow with no work.  California poppies (in California) are a great example.  They are beautiful and a huge butterfly, bee attractant and source of nectar.  Collect poppy seeds when the pods are just about to harden.  Throw them in a paper bag and after they shell out carry the bag with you placing a few seeds on the edge of and 1/2 an inch into the dirt  against any shady sides of rocks that are in  full sun.  The rock will hold moisture and the poppies will do the rest.   Local flowers help the pollinators who help the farmers.

2.  Pick up one heirloom organic vegetable at a Farmers Market - Heirlooms are old varieties and can resow from their seeds. They also do not belong to anyone (believe it or not companies like Monsanto are trying to own all the seeds).  After you eat the veggie save the seeds. Dry them on a paper towel and put them in an envelope in a cool closet.  If you have a planting container or garden spot... try planting them in the spring.

Learn About Food Security - Start A Seed Exchange

3. Find Organic Seeds or plants.  Hybrid Seeds do not reproduce.  So buying Hybrid veggie starts or seeds is just wrong.  Buy Organic or Heirloom and benefit because it is really cheap to let a .99 plant or few cent seed produce pounds and pounds of melons, tomatoes and zucchini for you.   AND you can save the seeds and do it again.

4.  Local varieties that do well in a region are great finds.  Discover what is working and trade seeds with others in your area.  Seeds hold for a number of years so if you don't have time - just keep them in that envelop in the closet. 

5.  Hand them out at Christmas (with a World Peace Message)    Nothing says spring like seeds.  And packages of flower seeds can be very expensive much the less bags full.  Collect them and give them away,   There are beautiful printable seed packets here


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