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What IS it about Backyard Chickens? Why you should start Raising them Right now.....

There is a movement afoot to bring poultry back into Urban Yards.  Yes Chickens are cute but is there more to it than that?

5 Important Reasons  to have Chickens right now.....

1)  The Eggs are safer and better from your own chickens.  It is a fact.   The chickens you raise are healthier, they eat free range so you know what is making the eggs.  

 Consumer Reports,  in a 2013  study, tested large amounts of chicken from national grocery stores and regional markets in 26 states and found 65 percent of the samples were tainted with fecal contaminants. Enterococcus turned up on nearly 80 percent of the samples, followed by E. coli on more than 65 percent.

Consumers should be concerned about antibiotic resistants in Chickens. About half (49.7 percent) of chicken samples tested positive for at least one multidrug resistant bacterium, and some samples contained more than one multidrug resistant bacterium.

Drugs given to chickens to promote rapid growth can leave residue in chickens including  trace amounts of arsenic  according to Johns Hopkins Center. This is something to be aware of since it can cause  issues such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, adverse pregnancy outcomes, and other problems.   Last year three of the four arsenical drugs used on poultry were banned by the FDA, but only after four years of petitioning.

Home Eggs are just Better 

Chickens in factories are caged inhumanely and fed to produce the most eggs possible.  Hormones come into play in addition to antibiotics.  Trapped in a small cage they are
fed processed chicken feed that may contain GMOs.  Home grown Chickens graze on bugs and can be fed on veggies from your garden.  The Chicken Feed you supply can be checked to be non GMO. The eggs you get will look different than the ones you buy in the store.  More yellow and with a higher amount of Omega 3 and other nutrients.
Also remember Eggs themselves are porous.    So, if they come from factories they are treated and refrigerated.  But with Eggs from your own chickens you smear a little oil on them and leave them on the counter.  That is what they do in Europe. 

2)  They Make less noise and mess than a dog.  And eat a LOT of bugs
Author Pat Form states  that a single dog makes more waste daily than 10 chickens. The decibel level of chickens is about the sames as a conversation.  But your dog doesn't  eat bugs and leave fertilizer (their poop is full of nitrogen) in your yard while they are eating pounds of bugs each season.

3.  They are Smart and respond to good care.  Chickens are great pets and make xcellent teachers for your children on how to put something into a system to get something out.

4. If you HAVE to eat one they will be antibiotic free and free range. If they are old they are at least a good soup stock.

But Don't Chickens Carry disease?  And is it simple  to raise them? 

5.  Chickens are clean. They do not carry disease or attract pests.  All they really need is a little pile of diatomaceous earth to roll (dust) in.  That will keep their skin mite free.  Their eggs, when they come out have protective coat on them and  do not need to be washed. 

But is it cheaper to buy Eggs in a store?

Good hen feed in bulk comes out to about $50 per chicken/yr. They lay about 20 dozen eggs.  So realistically it is break even on 3.00 a dozen store eggs. .   BUT the eggs are so much better for you and more vitamin rich than store bought.



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