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Organic Chile Verde... Done Right!

If you grow up on a cattle ranch in California you get a taste for Real Mexican home cooked food.  I have a lot of favorites... but this one is by far one of the best.

 Organic Pork Chili Verde

Start with Heritage Pasture raised pork. It just tastes better.  If you don't have your own pig handy then get it at your local farmers market or Trader Joes.  I like to use picknick shoulder but any cut works.  Go ahead and make a potful and you will enjoy it for days.

Pasture Raised Heritage Pork adds the best flavor

  • Cut the pork into chunks and brown in Olive oil, with lots of fresh garlic and cumin. 
  • Add a whole diced onion
  • Two diced Bell peppers
  • 6 tomalitos
  • 4 Fresh Green Chilies that have had the skins broiled/blistered off  (put them under the broiler till they blister then dunk in cold water to skin off.  Dice/Remove seeds if you don't want it too hot.   And YES you can use canned chilies but it won't be organic!
  • One bunch of cilantro diced   

Fill water to about 2/3 full in the large stew pot that the meat was browned in.  Add everything, Bring to a boil and then simmer for 3 -4 hours.

Serve with fresh corn tortillas, radishes and guacamole.    Amazing!

HINT:  Many farmers markets (at least in the west) have fresh roasted chillies and these are what you want.    Make Verde or layer them with beaten egg, cheese and bake as a relleno casserole.. yum!

Photo:  Craig Rippens, Marin Farmers Market


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